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Bride and Groom in Nature

Exclusive Services

Traditional Wedding

Wedding season is here again!!  If you have a wedding coordinator, or someone to handle the heavy lifting then EZ 2 Marry U, LLC would be thrilled to perform your nuptials (we are wedding officiants who will ONLY perform the ceremony).  



Can't wait years, months, weeks, or days to get married? Wedding planner over budget? Family driving you crazy?


If you are both ready to say "I Do" (NOW) let's talk about an Elopement solution.  Save your money (and sanity) for a cruise. We can officiant at your location, (example: apartment, house, backyard, etc..), OR ours (indoor space for 15 persons or less (including the couple).  Let's chat!


Commitment Ceremony

Today more and more couples have committed to each other in ways which could understandably constitute a marriage.  They declared their love, are monogamous, purchased homes, have children, and even live with their in-laws.  However, they are not “legally” married.  Some couples desperately want to say “I Do” but are scared from tragic previous divorces.  Or perhaps they are seniors who are afraid of losing their benefits if married. Unfortunately these are examples of very real situations in the world we now live. We are not here to judge, rather to offer solutions for the couples. Perhaps a “commitment ceremony” is an option.  Couples still have large or small ceremonies, with, or without fanfare, religious, or non-religious, (but without any legal status). The key to remember is this commitment ceremony is not a legally binding marriage. 


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Vow Renewal

Did you spend 24 hours a day with your spouse during COVID? Forgot what date night means? Lost that magic feeling? Didn't enjoy your wedding, (or even have one)?

Why not refresh your love with a "Vow Renewal"? The great thing is your already married. So, no waiting in line, no restrictions, no courthouse and such. The pressure is off to just have fun!! We would love to get your party started!!

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